Amazing Features

Existing SEL curricula are static, expensive, time-consuming to deliver, and disconnected from how youth engage in daily practice. Carousel is here to help.


Ditch the clunky paper and homework vibes! Our app is compatible with any mobile device. Use Carousel in a hybrid learning environment or to support skill development and connections outside the classroom.

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Standardized Data

With Carousel’s fixed curriculum and dashboard, you can easily compare “apples to apples” and track SEL mastery through level progression across individuals, classrooms, grade levels, schools and districts.

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And even more...

We're changing the SEL game.


Carousel uses gamification for maximum engagement and positive habit-forming. Players win points for activities completed. Leaderboards and streaks inspire healthy competition and SEL mastery.


Current SEL programs can cost upwards of $2,000 or more per student per school year. Our platform saves schools up to 99% per student, with one price to access all that Carousel offers.


Carousel's curriculum framework builds upon best practices in SEL developed by CASEL. The MAGIC² Framework by MyTaj inspired our platform design, developed by social workers, Ph.D.’s & Ed.D.'s and vetted by the Evidence-Based Learning Institute (EBLI).

Easy Tracking & Reporting

Our platform is simple to use and captures your students’ real-time SEL activity on the backend with the click of a button, including the depth and consistency of practice.

Better Professional Development

Through our advocates-only tournament, educators, counselors, and administrators can refresh their SEL skills with their peers while familiarizing themselves with Carousel.

Ongoing Impact Measurement

We are working with a strategic partner to embed online assessments directly into our app that go beyond self-reporting and surveys. This data will continue to inform our product and content development.

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