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Our founding team

Founder & CEO
Joseph Ewing, MBA, CSPO
Cofounder & Product
Jess Sherlock
Operations & Marketing
Gracie Wright, MBA, PMP
Partner Success & Impact
Susanna Maffeo
Advisor & SEL Pioneer
Norris Haynes, Ph.D
Curriculum & Implementation Expert
Kristin Levine, MEd

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to make social-emotional learning fun, engaging, and a part of our everyday lives. Like exercise, we believe a little bit of SEL practice daily can be transformative to our individual and collective wellbeing.

Our Impact Goals

  • Increased long-term wellness and resiliency for young people
  • Students being able to access and harness opportunity
  • Better SEL individual and group outcomes at scale
  • Improved data upon which all SEL programs are developed
About us

Our Motivation

As a counselor and SEL facilitator at one of Colorado's largest youth nonprofits, our Founder saw that existing SEL providers did not engage young people effectively. Teachers and counselors need access to engaging content that speaks to young people. They need more precise data to understand engagement, outcomes, and efficacy of lesson content; we developed an applied learning curriculum to address these shortcomings. Our platform ensures that SEL growth happens personally, with peers, and with the community. An additional, more fundamental challenge is the lack of access, affordability, and equity in SEL. We want to change that. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) reports that several barriers result in inequitable access to high-quality SEL education, including systemic level barriers (such as poverty), implicit bias among school staff, and educator stress and burnout. We focused on software-based educational technology because of its ability to rapidly scale at a low cost per student, which enables us to address three of the RWJF institutional barriers to quality social-emotional development: poverty by reducing/eliminating cost barrier, implicit bias by providing standardized, competency-based and DE&I reviewed curriculum, and teacher burnout by providing quality turnkey educational software.
“If there is a proven method to make it more likely that ALL students have a chance to thrive in school, you can bet that I will do everything in my power to bring that opportunity to as many people as possible.”
Joe Ewing, Carousel Founder & CEO

Our Values

Our team comes from all different walks of life, but we agree on these core elements to being great team members, great community members, and great human beings.
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Impact above all else

We focus on impact over profit. We believe in doing what's right over what's easy. We're a Public Benefit Corporation, which means that everyone involved with Carousel (from the investors to the founders) considers the economic, environmental, and social implications of everything we do.

Live out our offering

We develop and work on our social-emotional competencies as individuals, as a company, as teammates, and as fellow human beings. Yes, this means we play Carousel together as a company! We believe self-wellness will lead to workplace wellness. We lead with empathy, recognizing that every human is the product of their past and present situation.

Reenvision the social network

We use our technology to reimagine online and real-world social networks that foster healthy, authentic connections for oneself and others. The data generated by our platform is and will always be anonymized and made free and universally accessible. We believe this data can enable researchers to learn more about how SEL practice drives outcomes.

Love the communities we're in

We’re eager to help anyone who asks for it; life doesn’t have to be a competition. We listen to all of our stakeholders, and we recognize the humanity in all people. We give back to improve the overall SEL community and prioritize the needs of educators, mentors, and students. We seek to build a company and work culture reflective of the beloved communities in which we serve, work and live --- one where people can come as they are, where everyone is welcome, and whose contributions are recognized.

Relentless pursuit of improvement

Whether for ourselves, our product, or our company, we believe there is always room for improvement. But we don't forget about our humanity in this pursuit. We value outcomes over outputs. Each of us takes ownership of our areas and our results. We choose where & how we work most effectively, and we lean on others when we need support. We believe that “everything is figureoutable,” and we look at development and operations as learning opportunities. We listen to our customers and stakeholders, listen to each other, and listen to our gut. We always keep moving forward. 

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