SOcial Emotional Learning: Reimagined

Reach more students, more often. From anywhere

A first-of-its-kind digital learning platform, designed for SEL educators & advocates. All the tools you need to increase student touchpoints & maximize engagement in SEL from anywhere.
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Simple & Powerful

Introducing: Carousel

Carousel proves that learning doesn't have to be boring. Our unique technology includes an always-changing collection of creative, interactive lessons that will help you engage your students and encourage them to take on challenges with confidence.

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Mobile app For students

SEL anytime, anywhere

The Carousel mobile app helps each student unlock core SEL skills like empathy and gratitude by letting students complete lessons and challenges on their phones. Carousel's gamified activities draw out the best in kids, allowing them to unlock achievements and become more confident versions of themselves -- who can tackle daily relational and emotional challenges with ease (especially since they're usually glued to their gadgets as it is!)

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Web app for teachers & Advocates

Your SEL command center

The Carousel Advocate Dashboard is the perfect tool for educators who want to spend less time lesson-planning and more time supporting their student learning. Our data-driven dashboard and progress tracking tool let you oversee your entire classroom or caseload while monitoring each student's progress in SEL. Whether it means keeping better track of who needs what kind of support or helping to celebrate individual successes, the Carousel Advocate Dashboard is here to help!

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For School & District Administrators

Program oversight for administrators

Carousel allows school administrators and managers to quickly implement and build a more robust SEL-centered culture with new ways to empower your staff, oversee program efficacy, create reports for donors, and measure impact on social outcomes. Carousel can be a powerful ally to help you achieve what matters most at your school or organization.

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No more lesson planning
Easy-to-use, online, turnkey SEL solution with a tiered curriculum so students can move at their own pace.
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Dynamic content
Game design elements, relatable content and pop culture references maximize student engagement.
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Real-time student data
Track SEL activity and support students in real-time through our advocate dashboard and in-app chat.
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Connect with educators
Test our product, refresh your SEL skills, and make new connections with Teacher Tournaments.
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DEI comes standard
Our DEI specialists ensure you’re getting quality, inclusive, culturally sensitive content.
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In-app support
Get support when you need it. Our team is available 8am-5pm PT M-F by email or chat.
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Content for a full academic year
Augment classroom-based lessons
Develop your SEL with students
Support asynchronous learning
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Mastery-based learning

We're all different. We think SEL education should be too. Carousel meets students where they are.

Built-in gamification

Carousel is fun and positive habit-forming because it feels nothing like schoolwork.

SEL anytime, anywhere

Students can do SEL activities wherever they are and you'll see their progress in real-time.
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Impact above all else

Carousel is an impact-driven Public Benefit Corporation. This means we put our mission to make social-emotional learning fun, and accessible to everyone above all else.

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